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Docker Runner

Docker runner uses docker/nvidia-docker/podman to run MLCube® cubes. It supports two mandatory commands - configure and run with standard arguments - mlcube, platform and task. Users can configure docker runner in MLCube configuration file, system setting file, and override parameters on a command line.

Configuration parameters

MLCube reference docker runner supports the following configuration parameters (with default values):

# Docker Image name, for instance "mlcommons/mnist:0.0.1"
image: ${docker.image}
# Docker executable (docker, podman, sudo docker ...).
docker: docker

# Environmental variables for run command (-e name=value).
env_args: {}               

# Docker run arguments when ${platform.accelerator_count} > 0.
gpu_args: ''
# Docker run arguments when ${platform.accelerator_count} == 0.
cpu_args: ''

# Docker build arguments (--build-arg name=value)
build_args: {}
# Docker build context relative to $MLCUBE_ROOT. Default is $MLCUBE_ROOT.
build_context: .
# Docker file relative to $MLCUBE_ROOT, default is `$MLCUBE_ROOT/Dockerfile`.
build_file: Dockerfile
# MLCube configuration strategy
#   'pull': never try to build, always pull
#   'auto': build if image not found and dockerfile found
#   'always': build even if image found
build_strategy: pull

Configuring MLCubes

Docker runner uses build_strategy configuration parameter to decide on build strategy:

  • pull: always try to pull docker image, never attempt to build.
  • auto: use build_context and build_file to decide if Dockerfile exists. If it exists, build the image.
  • always: build docker image always when running MLCube tasks.

Docker runner under the hood runs the following command line:

${docker.docker} build ${docker.build_args} -t ${docker.image} -f ${recipe} ${context}

  • ${docker.docker} is the docker executable.
  • ${docker.build_args} docker build arguments.
  • ${docker.image} is the docker image name.
  • ${recipe} is the ${docker.build_file} relative to context
  • ${context} is the ${docker.build_context} relative to MLCube root directory.

Users do not need to run the configure command explicitly, docker runner uses the following logic to decide what to do before running any task. If strategy is always, build the docker image. Else, if docker image exists, do nothing, else build or pull depending on what strategy is and if Dockerfile exists in MLCube directory.

Running MLCubes

Docker runner runs the following command:

${docker.docker} run {run_args} ${docker.env_args} {volumes} ${docker.image} {task_args}

  • ${docker.docker} is the docker executable.
  • {run_args} are either ${docker.cpu_args} or ${docker.gpu_args} depending on ${platform.num_accelerators} value.
  • ${docker.env_args} are the docker environmental variables.
  • {volumes} are the mount points that the runner automatically constructs based upon the task input/output specifications.
  • ${docker.image} is the docker image name.
  • {task_args} is the task command line arguments, constructed automatically by the runner.